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@Wireless LED curing light with intensity tester

@Power input:AC100-240V 50/60HZ

@Light intensity:1800-2000 mW/cm2

@Battery Volume:2200mAh

@LED bulb:5W

@Full charge time:4-5hrs

@Working modes:Full(F)/Ramping(R)/Pulse(P)

@Working time:5s/10s/15s/20s


·Ultra-strong intensity speedup your treatment

More than 1,800mW/cm2 output helps to cure resin 4cm within 10 seconds

·Special cooling system integrated without fan.

Continuing operation without break time in a quiet environment.

·Constant intensity output without attenuation

Special power supply core helps to keep the same power during the consumption of battery.

·Huge capacity battery reduces charging time

A full charge can be used more than 500 circles (10 seconds equals with 1 circle).

·Integrated intensity tester installed in Max-inten. Plus 

Monitoring your curing light’s intensity ensure the efficiency of treatment without extra cost.

·Wireless LED curing light.


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