Specializing in the development and research of ultra-precision dental rotary instruments.
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Dmate is an expert in producing ultra-precision rotary dental instruments, such as highspeed and lowspeed handpiece. All products are the achievement of excessive market research and innovation. By handing with Dmate’s products, you will enjoy lots of outstanding quality, versatility and functionality. All key-size in components are examined one by one, utilizing the customized moulds or advanced detection facilities, this assure and keep our products in a highest level of durability and quality.

No like other Chinese competitors, Dmate is always prompting products without cost-consciousness, delivering the products in 120% much durable from its original design purpose. Another major advantage of our product is compatibility and affordability. All spare parts in same model can be exchanged easily and will keep in 5-year replacement period, even there is not batch production any more. We are offering the consumable spare part in a very affordable price so as to support your initial purchase.

Our concept: Keep improving without any compromise.

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